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1st to 5th  June, ROMA.RADIO.ART.FAIR

From 1st to 5th June, ROMA.RADIO.ART.FAIR. was installed at the SPAZIO THETIS – Venice Arsenale for Sounds like Venice – sound art project, aural pavillon and multimedia blog from the heart of the 54. International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.
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Live broadcast on  Saturday, June 4th, 2011 from 00:00 – 24:00 (GMT +2)

Listen and share link: radioCona stream channel

On the same day and at the same time, from midnight to midnight, the programming of the Radiophonic Creation Day will be aired and streamed on the website of the festival ( as well as on the FM Radiophonic Creation Day radios and web radios all around the world that are associated with the event.
To this day, 23 FM radio stations, 13 web radio and 7 contemporary art places are broadcasting partners for the 2011 Radiophonic Creation Day.

radioCona was invited to participate with audio stream of the whole 24 hour programme of sound art works  selected from artists worldwide on June 4th 00:00 – 24:00 (GMT +2)

more info – download pdf   

listen to Radiophonic Creation Day teaser

radioCona @ transmediale.11 broadcast selections:

MACHT GESCHENKE: DAS KAPITAL – Kritik der politischen Ökonomie, Christin Lahr, interview by Irena Pivka
listen mp3, 15.38/14.8MB

Morton Subotnick – lecture at CTM.11, recorded by Marko Trstenjak, Brane Zorman listen mp3, 1.39.25/95.2MB

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Podrealistični manifest

Jure Detela, Iztok Osojnik, Iztok Saksida: Podrealistični manifest (1979)
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1 – 6th February 2011, The Open Zone @ HKW, Berlin.
(slovensko spodaj)
TRACES Lounge TRACESradioCona invite guests to join the conversation in daily programs or follow our activities listening to radioCona broadcasting stream (last day 5. Feb, 8-10pm, CET rebroadcast on radio študent Ljubljana)
Download the Open Zone programme
Traces Tea and Radio Lounge at The Open Zone during transmediale.11 offers a space for slow culture, open to relaxed interaction and deeper exchange with a live radio show, on-site collaborative publication, tea made from wild Lithuanian herbs, and cake!

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PROGRAM – KOLEDAR (english below)
sreda 19. – nedelja 23. januarja 2011 med 16:00 in 23:00 na 88.8MHz (Ljubljana in okolica) in spletno oddajanje na radioCona in hkratno oddajanje na RAM LIVE (Rim, Italija)

Arhiv programa / Programme Archive (radioCona produkcija/production, 2011):

Maurizio Nannuchi – Zona Radio, interview by Brane Zorman, sound works from SoundArtMuseum, poslušaj/listen mp3, 1.43.45/98.8MB
Ilari Valbonesi – Lectureposlušaj/listen mp3, 1.30.03/128.9MB
radioCona, Interview with Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman by Ilari Valbonesi, radioCona production works, poslušaj/listen mp3, 1.26.45/125.0MB
MGLC (Breda Škrjanec), Interview by Ilari Valbonesi, sound works from MGLC archive, poslušaj/listen mp3, 1.34.24/90.7MB
Irwin, audioarts, Laibach, Interview with Irwin by Ilari Valbonesi, interview with Laibach from Radio Študent archive poslušaj/listen mp3, 2.01.24/175.2MB
P74 (Tadej Pogačar) – Blixa Bargeld, Interview by Ilari Valbonesi, interview with Blixa Bargeld from Radio Študent archive poslušaj/listen mp3, 1.34.24/90.7MB
ŠKUC (Tevž Logar) – Deviantovi fragmenti, Interview by Ilari Valbonesi, Deviantovi fragmenti from Radio Študent archive poslušaj/listen mp3, 59.18/85.5MB
Dora Stiefelmeier and Mario Pieroni, Interview by Irena Pivka, sound works from RAM Live  and SAM archive poslušaj/listen mp3, 1.04.58/62.5MB

RADIO AS AN ARTS SPACE – radioCona STATION ZONE (kustosi programa so Irena Pivka, Ilari Valbonesi , Brane Zorman), bo deloval kot platforma zvočne umetnosti. Preko preseka izbranih arhivov iz Rima in Ljubljane bo radioCona oddajala produkcijo zvočne umetnosti, tekste in interviuje iz arhivov: radioCona, Radio Študent, Maurizia Nannuccija, SoundArtMuseum, RAM, MGLC, ŠKUC, Galerija P74, arhivov umetnikov, ter projekt ZVO.ČI.TI (

program radioCona je del razstave COMPAGNI DI VIAGGO v Mestni galeriji Ljubljana (kustos: Alenka Gregorič)

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ponedeljek 6. dec 2010, ob 19:00  Mestna galerija Ljubljana, čitalnica, predavanje in pogovor
PARADIGMA POSLUŠANJA (zvok, glas, telo, publika, radio art)
Ilari Valbonesi je umetnostna kritičarka in kustosinja. poslusaj/ listen (mp3, 1.10.47/65MB)   ConaCast

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Zagreb – Pogon Jedinstvo / Saturday 27.11 2010, 19:00
radioCona projects presentation

Tenda Gialla 23 – 30 nov 2010, Zagreb Kamp Kulture TENDA GIALLA

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